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The Gulf Coast Megaregion

In 2008 the RPA (Regional Planning Administration) published a report and website entitled ‘America 2050’. The report centered around the idea of emerging American megaregions and centralizing information about each region in one place to be used by developers and … Continue reading

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Baton Rouge; The South’s Barcelona

Yeah, I know, all my post up until know have been about Baton Rouge. Don’t worry there will be post that branch out, but I’m someone who likes to focus on solving problems or celebrating positives for the places I’m … Continue reading

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The Sights and Sounds of Downtown Baton Rouge

A few weeks ago I was at the Old State Capitol with some friends from Tampa. In case you are unfamiliar¬†with Baton Rouge’s downtown, their convention center or River-center is located next to the Town Square, City Hall, 19th Judicial … Continue reading

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Callin’ Baton Rouge

Recently my family and I moved to the small Southern Capital city of Louisiana, also known as Baton Rouge or ‘The Red Stick’. Founded in 1719, the city has seen nearly seven national flags fly above it’s waterfront and has … Continue reading

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