Updates and Harbors

Hallo everyone! I have been very busy this summer! For the first three weeks I was working at school, then I stayed in Tampa for two weeks, after that I went back to work at school. Wednesday work ended and since then I have been working on a ton of concepts that I will be posting here soon. I’m also going to post the second half of the Pan American games post. So expect some new things in coming weeks.

All summer I have really been trying to create a plan for Baton Rouge. Coming primarily from cities associated with water I have a deep love for the sea. As a result all of my plans incorporate water to them, the problem I have had with Baton Rouge is the potential it has to become a great water city.

Now I’m sure your asking, “Well isn’t potential good?” and you would be correct. The problem Baton Rouge struggles with is unlocking that potential. I have been struggling to unlock the water potential the city has until now.

From the beginning I wanted Baton Rouge to have a harbor/port. In my humble opinion, ports and harbors provide economic, urban, cultural, and design opportunities like no other. Just look at Melbourne, Sydney, or San Francisco cities that have beautifully exploited their natural harbors and bays to make their cities global destinations. For Baton Rouge this would obviously be a challenge.

For starters Baton Rouge has no harbors or bays, it is not even close to an ocean, all it has is a river. The big problem was finding the space to create a harbor. So I naturally looked at the downtown area, but it is too developed. Then I looked at Port Allen, it is not even a part of the city or parish so that was a no go as well. Finally I looked to South Baton Rouge, in recent years it has grown to become the cities de-facto CBD. What made it even better is that it is at the heart of a neighborhood bomb, medical boom, and shopping boom. The only thing it lacks is cohesive planning and a hub. By hub I mean a center to the growth, SBR is too spread out and effect by sprawl that their is no central gathering spot. The harbor would become this gathering spot.

So after I found the general area I would focus on I went looking for land that could be developed, and boy oh boy did I find it! Baton Rouge has a southern bluff at the southern most tip, the river then curves. Along this curve is tons of undeveloped land, so me being me figured this will be the place to start to put a harbor. The great thing about this land is the because it is undeveloped it is empty, additionally it is home to a lot of bayous and wetlands. Taking inspiration from the port of Houston and University lakes, this land would be developed into a massive harbor system. This system would allow for South Baton Rouge to connect with the rest of the city and establish a center. Additionally Baton Rouge would have its own massive port. 

Given that the river also flows here allowed for a greater emphasis to be placed on the port. 

Now I will eventually go into full detail of the Harbor system and its different locations/development, but for now I will leave you with a picture of the Baton Rouge Harbor. 

Baton Rouge Harbour

Thank you for joining the revolution!