Baton Rouge; The South’s Barcelona

Yeah, I know, all my post up until know have been about Baton Rouge. Don’t worry there will be post that branch out, but I’m someone who likes to focus on solving problems or celebrating positives for the places I’m in. Right now I live in Baton Rouge and so my post will primarily focus on solving greater urban problems, but using Baton Rouge as a primary subject.

For close to half a year I have lived in this fantastic city recently catapulted to national attention with the high successful Miss USA 2014 Pageant. In that space of time I have fallen in love with this city and will certainly continue to visit it after I leave. The people are very friendly and kind, they take pride in their city and culture. It’s something very unique and special.

It’s it’s atmosphere that truly makes it a shinning gem in a new American South scattered and filled with Atlanta wanna-be cities. Baton Rouge has achieved this mainly in part to it’s close proximity to New Orleans. After living here I can tell that this city has been forced to make it’s own name to succeed. It’s a city that does not rely on New Orleans culture or even stereotypical Louisiana culture, instead it has it’s own culture and identity which does distinguish it from other cities. This has helped the city get business, people, and events and as the city begins to out grow New Orleans you can bet these events will not stop.

What makes Baton Rouge the Barcelona of the South is that the city is a hidden gem. Towards the second half of the 20th century Barcelona fell into disrepair and out of international recognition. However the city reinvented itself and became a hidden gem…until the 1992 Olympic Games which catapulted the city to international stardom and since then it has grown to become one of Europe’s most visited city. I believe that Baton Rouge has a similar story to tell…only will it have the same ending? Will Baton Rouge grow into the defacto cultural and buissness capital of the South? Will it reach it’s full potential and this Garden City of the South become a major American city leading a revival of American prosperity? Or will it’s civic leaders unknowingly prevent this with their consistent ignoring of the challenges they face ahead? I don’t know, but what I do know is that I will do anything I can to help Baton Rouge achieve it’s potential.

Well I hope that set’s the mood for my next few post, and as always thanks for joining the revolution.

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