The Sights and Sounds of Downtown Baton Rouge

A few weeks ago I was at the Old State Capitol with some friends from Tampa. In case you are unfamiliar with Baton Rouge’s downtown, the convention center or River-center is located next to the Town Square, City Hall, 19th Judicial Court House, Shaw Center for the Arts, and the Gothic revival Old State capitol (where we started our tour).

“The opportunity was there” as my friend would say, so after our tour was complete I walked around the area with my camera. This post will mainly be filled with pictures so enjoy! This entire area is probably Downtown’s biggest selling point. As you will see in the pictures, it is truly the city’s heart and contains lush landscaping and beautiful works of art that entertain and inspire.


The piece above is located in the square’s water area. When I was there many kids were playing in the area.


This is the square’s (and I would argue the downtown’s) main feature. It’s called the crest and is a beautiful work of art. It also serves as a stage for the various events that occur downtown year round.


These next few shots (and the one above) are my favorites, it really shows the city’s skyline in a way that pictures from the river can’t and the cities urban/youthful feel.







Well that about does it for the pictures I took during my travels. I hope to do more for different parts of the city (the bad and the ugly) along with other cities that I travel to. Thanks for reading and joining the revolution.

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2 Responses to The Sights and Sounds of Downtown Baton Rouge

  1. Javan H. says:

    You’re speaking my truth. I tell this to everyone who isn’t familiar with Downtown BR–mostly locals…

    I run up Repentance Park every other day for exercise, but I’ve been obsessed with Downtown for the past couple of years, specifically City Hall. As stated before, I was born and raised in New Orleans. I love and miss home, but my new home of the past ten years gives me goosebumps every time I think about it. Downtown Baton Rouge never gets old, and is one of my favorite areas to film and photograph.

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